Soursop a Super Food

Soursop a super food that is an unknown food from South America. It has a lot of health benefits and it is also said to taste good. Preventing a Urinary Tract Infection is one of the health benefits of soursop.

There is a lot of Vitamin C in soursop, and Vitamin C raises the level of acidity in urine, and that results in a lower number of harmful bacteria that could be present in the urinary tract. It has seventy-seven percent of your daily value of Vitamin C. Soursop also has a lot of fiber in it, which can help keep you regular.

Instead of using a laxative when you are constipated, try eating foods like soursop that have a lot of fiber. Fiber can also help with weight loss and lowers the risk of colon problems. It has thirty percent of your daily value of fiber. Soursop can also help with body pain,cholesterol levels and migraine pain.

Soursop is strong so just remember, everything in moderation, including soursop.

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